Top 7 Home Preps to tackle before fall temps drop

Ahhhh, fall-the air turns crisp and cool, yellow patches of leaves appear to take over the treetops and you’re prepped for sweater weather.  But, is your home ready for the season?  Whether you do the dirty work yourself or hire out.  RE/MAX has a checklist to help you tackle fall home preps to get you ready for the season. 

  1. Get your mind in the gutter. If you’re not on top of clogged gutters, you’re just asking for water damage.  Water with nowhere to go can lead to exterior and foundational damage or flooded basement.  It’s a dirty job, but you can do it-or hire it out.

  2. Check the chimney. While you’re up on the roof and the weather’s still calm-check your chimney for damage.  Search for loose or broken joints and if the flue cap is secure.  Now’s the time to also note any damaged roof shingles or flashing.

  3. Let’s get physical. Once the temperatures begin to drop, you’ll crank up that furnace and put it through a workout.  Make sure it’s ready to handle the workload by replacing the filter and keep all the vents open so heat can circulate throughout your home.

  4. Turn off outdoor plumbing. Blow out sprinkler systems, drain outdoor faucets and cover them to protect them from the freezing temperatures to come.

  5. Clean outdoor furniture and gardening tools. Don’t let the harsh fall and winter weather get to your outdoor furniture and garden gadgets.  Give them a quick clean up so they are ready for storage over the winter. 

  6. Stay safe out there. Fall is a good reminder to have annual checks of the your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.  Get those fresh batteries, check the fire extinguisher or replace it if it’s six years or older.  Take the chance to update or practice your fire escape plans.

  7. Pre-plan for spring-blooms. Fall is the perfect time to plant bulbs for a big pay off in the spring.  Set your sights on a spot in your yard that gets full sun and start digging. 

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